LAST POST. The Invisible Man
Monday May 16th 2011, 11:17 pm
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After reading the Invisible Man i can say I really did enjoy this story because it hits so many of the points of racism that African Americans face on a daily basis that many other writers fail to do.
In the book we are introduced to the narrator without a name already he is being invisible to the world. As the story goes on over and over again the narrator is being treated an the invisible figure to the world. Whether it is through his words, his actions, or his status the narrator is always looked over.
He is given the opportunity to prove himself over an over again. He is made fun of when he has to make a speech in front of a bunch of white men. He is then made to fight in the battle royal to prove his worth.
When he is in college trying to educate himself he gets kicked out because he did something wrong. He thought through his education he would be able to make his presence to the world.
But when he is kicked out he tries once again to prove himself and this time he joins the Brotherhood to bring awareness to the brutality African Americans face but again he fails.
The entire book is about this character who is in search of making a place for himself in the world of prejudices.
He fights to prove that he exist and is of equal to other races.
I think the authors use of this title is an excellent move because when a person is in a constant search to find where they belong to, it makes that person think as if they are invisible to the world. No one seems to acknowledge ones existence when they dont respect you. So this character that is invisible to the eye has gained no respect from the world around him.