Painting and The Ambassador
Wednesday March 30th 2011, 11:23 pm
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The first that caught my eye when I looked at this painting was the two men and the difference in their clothing. While one is dressed looking very well groomed and wealthy the other seems to look very dressed down. One man is covered in fur and jewlery while the other is in raggedy clothes. Both men seem expressionless yet one can read so much from their faces. The wealthy man looks as if he is someone who is very hign class, withthe know it all attidude while the man who is poor looks like he doesnt really have a voice. He isnt someone who people would look up to. Looking at the picture and reading The Ambassador I felt was helpful because the book so far talks about the two differnt sides of class status, two differnt countries, and two different types of men and women. i was connecting the wealthy man to Chad and Waymarsh and the poor man to Lambert. I felt that the painting helped potray the wealth difference and the status difference that the book constantly talks about.

When I think of looking at the painting and then basing my view of the book on the painthing. I get the feeling it doesnt give me as much of a choice to be as creative. I felt that the painting kind of takes away the ability to make all the connections from the reading because you can point out the differences without the need for the book. I am not sure if this is making much sense. But what I think is the better way of understanding the image is to read the book and then draw the comaprison because then you can think more and be more creative rather than looking at the picture first and getting the feeling of the painting does all the explaining needed so why think harder. Sorry I dont even know if i am getting my point across its just hard to explain in writing.



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