Solnit and Muybridge
Thursday March 17th 2011, 7:38 pm
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Form is henceforth divorced from matter.  In fact, matter as a visible object is of no great use any longer, except as the mould on which form is shaped.” (Solnit 21) is what Holmes had said in the piece by Solnit. In her article shhe seems to be arguing aganist what james and holmes believe to be the correct way of preceving a photograph. Holmes believed that having a photograph of the original object was fine and in fact it was the best way to et the viewer to feel the realness and the closeness of the object. James argued that a photo can remind you of the event but it doesnt remind you of the feeling you would get if you were really there. He said the viewer doesnt get to “experience” the event in the photograph.

When we were asked about the motion pitures and what they presented and how did the affect the time and space. I wrote that motion pictures was a way to help the viewer see the impossible. In other words throug motion pictures we were able to shhhow scences that one can probably see only once in a life time. For example the piture of a horse up on all four feet. we know the horse can do it because we have the picture that it can do it, the only problem is that the horse wont do that act all the time. SO having these motion pictures were helpful in the sense that they helped capture the scenes that the eye would miss in a blink. This affected the time and space becuase the time limits the viewers understanding of the event or object it sees, because of the technology advancement was so rrapid the viewer was rushing with time to be able to understand the image and move on.

Muybridge’s motion pictures was very interesting becuase it helped viweres see the images through different lenses The viewer was able to pinpoint the horse at differnt angels and how it moved.

I felt that


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