Emerson’s “Nature” and “Experience”
Tuesday February 08th 2011, 11:58 am
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Reading the works of Emerson makes me really think of  all the choices i make on a daily basis of life.

While reading “Nature” i was awed by Emerson’s words. We never really sit back and think to ourselves of why we follow certain traditions or beliefs. We believe the home remedies that our grandmothers have past down to us are the correct ways of curing illnesses but little do we think of experiencing this illness to today’s nature.

We follow what other say and do without going out there and finding the answers to our own questions on our own. We rely on other opinions and then make their opinion our opinions. We don’t look for answer on our own, we don’t form our own way of knowledge. If we were to sit back and view our questions through the words of God and experiences of nature we would look at life in a total different way. We wouldn’t be as materialistic.

Emerson’s “Nature” and “Experience” go hand in hand because we learn that through our own experiences of life do we understand what life really is. Taking the shortcut and being a follower will give us no real understanding of the world.  Life as Emerson says is a confusing experience and to follow what every other confusing person does only makes it more confusing. One should follow their own way of life to learn from the difference. Life becomes much more interesting and easy when you understand why you choose to do such and such.


Betty, I would love to see you bring in some aspect of visual culture into your response to Emerson. In both “Nature” (1836) and “Experience” (1844), he mentions the “horizon.” You might look for references to the horizon in both essays, cite them, and try comparing them. What does the “horizon” symbolize for Emerson?


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